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03 August 2019

That's a win

Summer and cooking bring up a lot...

On the one hand, there's more time to lounge, farmers markets galore with the bounty of produce, and all of the tempting things you are able to do! Berry pies, peach cobblers, jams, grilling. Then, there's the heat. The dread of heating the oven after a schlep to buy said produce when you're already sweating from carrying it home.

Getting together with others often involves being out. Or the days when you're laying out by the pool, then ordering takeout and blasting the AC at home seems like the right next move.

I always have maximized ideas for cooking projects, then find reasons to put them off. I  prefer free-styling when the moment strikes.

Big fruit desserts haven't happened much yet.

If it happens once or twice the rest of the summer, that works. I am ok with that.

There is precious time to be had with my 21 month old.
I'm celebrating the fact that I do manage to cook as much as I do with him running around.

I find myself approaching a day of cooking/feeding my family with the question:
What can I eliminate here?

One of the things that can become an unexpected witching hour is the breakfast hour. If I don't breathe through the morning it can send me on a tailspin before I've gotten dressed. I recently described it as feeling like a parade.

My son is up and bouncing off the walls, my husband needs to get out the door, I need to start my day. The tot would love if he could run outside the bedroom and be at the park already so I have to get him immediately engaged.

I've taken to getting straight out the door with him some mornings, with a stop at our local bakery to split a "chasson" (croissant) or kougin, which has become a little ritual for us when it happens. He isn't a strong one with table manners--wants to wander off the patio and knock on the cheese shop window, but these outings offer practice since it gets him excited and isn't about a formal "dinner."

But my wallet can't handle that every day and I want my kitchen to feed us as much as it can. One Saturday morning that didn't feel like a parade, I popped a few trays of these pancake bites into the oven. The batter assembles in a few minutes, and there's no flipping while standing at the stove. They are the perfect vehicle for dunking in maple syrup.

That's a win.


Note: I usually make half this recipe. But I know half eggs are annoying for people. The recipe below makes up to 48 if you make them small.

1 egg
4 Tbs butter, melted
2 cups well-shaken buttermilk

Big pinch salt
1.5 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
2 cups/(250 grams) flour
3 Tb (36 grams) sugar.

Mix wet and dry, then combine until just together. Let batter sit 3 minutes while you grease mini muffin wells.
Dollop into mini muffin wells and top with a few blueberries (or chocolate chips?)
Bake in a 350 oven for 10-15 mins.
Cool, then serve with maple.

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